We are Karen and Melissa, two mid-career(ish) psychologists who love what we do and also recognize how important it is to take care of ourselves in this work.  (Read more about our professional backgrounds here.)

We know that there are so many other female mental health professionals like us who are trying to balance our careers with additional caregiving roles - whether caring for a young child (like Melissa), aging parents (like Karen), or anything in between. And who value self-care but struggle with making it a priority.

Any of this sound familiar?

  • Allowing other people's needs (clients or loved ones) to come first
  • Guilt and anxiety when putting your own needs before others’
  • Constant sense of 'time urgency'
  • Constant lack of energy
  • Decreased enjoyment of your work
  • Fears of 'not being good enough', 'imposter syndrome', etc. - that lead to trying to work even harder
  • Feeling like you've lost track of a more vibrant version of yourself

We all know how important it is to incorporate self-care into our day (or you wouldn’t be reading this) yet for many of us it continues to be a struggle. Many of us think it’s because we don’t have the time or energy or, that we just need to get through this one particularly challenging/busy week, and then things will get better on their own. Sound familiar?

The reality is it’s not just about time or energy or waiting for the hectic pace to naturally subside (which you’ve probably already realized). The fact is, most of us were never really taught about the “whats” and “hows” of self-care, the inherent “hazards” in our line of work that can impact our wellness, and how the messages (or “rules") women receive put us at a disadvantage at engaging in self-care. Is it any wonder this is tough for us?!

To help combat these issues, we decided to create a community of like-minded mental health professionals and resources to support self-care on an ongoing basis.  So that our self-care can become more intentional, creative, and playful, and truly be a foundational part of our work, not just a 'nice to have'.

Our hope is that through this network you will find:

  • More ease in prioritizing your self-care
  • More time and energy
  • More enjoyment of your work and loved ones
  • Less guilt and anxiety - and greater self-compassion
  • A supportive community
  • Greater connection with playfulness and creativity
  • And that more vibrant version of yourself

Here's to making yourself a priority, in the service of doing your best work for and with your clients.

Looking for some self-care support?

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