Take a cold shower

Take a cold shower

Self-care is often thought of as 'pampering' ourselves, with things like bubble baths, manicures, pedicures, chocolate, etc. And don't get us wrong, these things are wonderful! (Who wouldn't love a day at the spa right about now?)

But this of course is just the surface of taking care of our needs. Often, what best serves our self-care and self-renewal is doing the thing that we don't want to do, have been avoiding doing, think will be too uncomfortable, or for whatever reason has been challenging for us to accomplish. 

What is something that you have considered including as part of your self-care but have been procrastinating on doing? What can you do this week to take even just one step closer to doing it?

And if you really want to get comfortable with discomfort, try taking a cold shower! This podcast episode might just convince you to try it.