Our goal is to create a thriving community of Intentional Therapists. 

An ongoing opportunity for like-minded female mental health professionals of all backgrounds to connect and share resources, support, and permission to take care of ourselves. 

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Podcast Episodes

Thoughts on Record Podcast - Navigating the Workplace Hazards of Providing Psychotherapy - Hosted by Dr. Pete Kelly (October 2021)

ON Psych - Self-Care for Therapists and Other Humans - Hosted by Dr. Jonathan Douglas and the Ontario Psychological Association (August 2021)

This Hour Has 50 Minutes - Not Your Average Self-Care Talk - Hosted by Dr. Tamara Soles (May 2021)

Expat Happy Hour - Simplified Self-Care for Carers - Hosted by Sundae Schneider-Bean (March 2021)

Thoughts on Record Podcast - Convenient, Creative, and Playful Self-Care for Female Mental Health Professionals - Hosted by Dr. Pete Kelly (November 2020)

Thoughts on Record Podcast - Self-Care for Mental Health Professionals During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Hosted by Dr. Pete Kelly (May 2020)

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